FORTUNE OF KAOS: Kaos in the Trenches

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This tournament is an annual tournament to kick off the new Call of Duty!! Every year we will launch a new tournament under the name of Fortune of Kaos. This years Fortune of Kaos is called "Kaos in the Trenches". All of these tournaments will haze ZERO restrictions on loadouts, but will have restrictions on all kill/score streaks. This will be Kaotik at it's finest. Be sure to stay tuned in order to know the exact dates and what kind of payout this will have and what format it will be hosted in!!

Must be in the Discord Community to participate in these events as well as hear about the Announcements regarding the Tournament!

Tournament Rules

  1. Show Sportsmanship 

  2. No Toxic Actions (Ex. Shooting Bodies, T-Bagging, Shooting at end of rounds Etc..)

    1. This Will Result in Forfeit of Round or Match

  3. Competitive Banter is allowed. 

  4. Players have 10 minutes to be in the lobby otherwise they forfeit their Match. If the Player is still not in the lobby after another 5 minutes the Team Forfeits series. 

  5. Host has Final Say in all Decisions made.

  6. When finding a Sub Player to fill in for a Player that Sub is now Sub for the Full Series.

  7. Any form of Cheating will result in immediate D/Q of Tournament and Ban of all future Kaotik Precision Tournaments.

  8. Matches will be Streamed on Kaotik Precisions Official Twitch Channel

    1. Matches will not count if played outside of live Stream Unless Approval from a tournament official.​

(Note: Any lag that occurs, the game shall continue. Any D/C that happens in the first 30 seconds of the match/round, that match will restart BUT the round score will remain the same)

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Tournament Layout

Platform: All
Controller Only

Double Elimination

Best of 5

Teams: 4v4

Game Mode: Hardpoint

Kill/Score Streaks: Not Allowed

Maps: Randomly Selected


Stay tuned
for the next Tournament dates!

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