We want to have a positive, competitive, and uplifting community. We primarily play Call Of Duty but we have groups playing all kinds of games. You can join our Discord and meet new players, link up with people, and enjoy some of our community only perks such as, in house tournaments with prizes, social events with custom made party games, and much, much more.

Competitive League

If you're interested in becoming a competitive player, We have plenty of opportunities for that as well. We compete in many Tournaments. Any Tournament you enter under Kaotik Precision will be sponsored BY Kaotik Precision. That means, you pay ZERO entry fees. We are committed to the goal of getting YOUR name out there. We have editors that will Make videos FOR you. We have graphic Designers that will make a Logo for you. If you are playing Call of Duty then why not invest that time that you're already spending on the game into becoming a stronger competitive player!


Now if you're wanting to apply to have your team in our tournament, you still have the same 2 options. Either our discord or our website. In the discord there is a category named Tournaments. There is an APPLY HERE option that you can click on to be taken straight to the form that you would need to fill out. Keep in mind that the application is only going to be open when we have an event coming up! Again, in order to stay up to date on our upcoming tournaments, it is best to join our discord for the announcements. You can also subscribe to our website to get automatic notifications through email of any upcoming event or tournaments.


So in order to apply to our competitive team, you can do it one of 2 ways. In our discord channel we have a category that has a link right there as soon as you get into it. The other way you can apply is by going to https://www.kaotikprecision.com/competitive Either way you apply it will be sent to the same source. If we are not currently accepting applicants it is best to join our community and follow the announcements.


So as we all know, technology can create some issues that the developers may not be aware of. In the event that this happens we do have a support team. In order to fill out a support request for the discord you would go to the support desk category and follow the link provided. On our website if you scroll to the bottom there is a support bar. Click the support button and it will take you to the application to inform us on your issue